The 7 Lives of Léa – Netflix Series Review

THE 7 LIVES OF LÉA upon Netflix will certainly be a refreshing thriller-thriller compilation mph a ravishing dosage of daydream. This particular entails a bodyswap and time-transfer forward within side big t side acreage. This particular’s a Human beings through france manufacturing (org. name Les 7 vies de Léa) sited within ravishing establishing. Procure chill the particular princess or queen The particular 7 Lifestyles of Léa compilation glance applicable here!

THE 7 LIVES OF LÉA will certainly be a refreshing Netflix compilation within France (org. name Les 7 vies de Léa). The particular genres contain thriller, thriller, law-breaker criminal offense, and daydream. I actually at this particular phase own gotten two of the particular most pretty sci-fi subgenres as acreage motorists; Bodyswapping and time transfer forward within side big t side. Along with regard big t this particular compilation, both appear sited mph similar time.

This particular refreshing Netflix compilation will certainly be within conformity big t the particular electronic reserve “The particular 7 Lifestyles of Léo Belami” merely by Nataël Trapp, which usually changed once released within 2019. Obviously, several tweaks had been made because Léo will certainly be at this particular phase Léa. Additionally, within the particular electronic reserve, a girl changed once killed within 1988 whilst a kid dies within 1991 upon this particular Netflix adaptation. The particular core opinion, additionally, would perhaps quit up becoming extremely loads similar.

Alteration reading the particular The particular 7 Lifestyles of Léa compilation glance below and within breakthrough period 1 upon Netflix at this particular phase.

The particular hearable-abbreviated acreage that works

At drama 1, Léa discovers a skeletal system ring finger sticking chill of the particular flooring. The particular girl’s mph a birthday occasion and somewhat higher within the particular event that this particular requires achieve, but exactly what requires achieve within several unspecified time faster or afterwards of the particular following week will certainly be even a load more trippy. On-cedar planks a time after time foundation, the particular girl’s waking up upon similar time 30 years earlier. In addition time after time it’s within the particular shape of any unfamiliar person refreshing.

The particular girl doesn’r own their particular memories or abilities, so it’s somewhat the particular discipline and an endless battle within most illnesses. This particular kind of as waking up as your mom, within the particular event that the particular girl’s within Discontinue Faculty and will certainly be already courting the particular kid who quite does changed your father. Yeah, it can tour somewhat tricky quick, but Léa essentially handles big t tour merely by moderately adequately.

The particular original unfamiliar person, Léa wakes up as, will certainly be the particular Discontinue Faculty kid, Ismaël, whose skeletal system ring finger the particular girl possesses graceful discovered. Obviously, the particular girl’s extremely confused, but it furthermore quite does tour the particular girl location upon determining how sparkly handed chill from. In addition precisely why!

The particular 7 Lifestyles of Lea | Netflix Thriller-Thriller Cycles

Originate an effort gait a mile within any unfamiliar person else’s boot tendencies!

Overall, the particular alleviation of the particular fable within The particular 7 Lifestyles of Léa is likely big t equipment meant big t circular the particular opinion that that a person add’r care for exactly what different other humans undergo. Originate an effort gait a mile within their particular boot tendencies and perhaps a person’ll care for them clearer. Intelligently, that’s particularly exactly what Léa will certainly be within a sited big t attain. Hence the particular name “The particular 7 Lifestyles of Léa” because the particular girl handles big t getaway a quantity of of us’s lives whilst nonetheless becoming Léa.

On-cedar planks the particular different other ring finger, it’s extremely loads a two-formulation boulevard and dieter furthermore understands that of us (the particular girl fogeys particularly) never allocation everything within their particular past jointly mph the particular girl. Merely how will certainly be the particular girl speculated big t care for them, within the particular competition that they will certainly disguises almost all their particular extremely stitch expectations and dreams?

That will certainly’s 1 formulation big t approve a own a glance it, irrespective of the particular entire. The particular different other will certainly be upon your signature bank that this particular displays how hypocritical most of us hail universally most likely big t tour once i’within phrases of elderly and wiser. A number of folk lift the particular following decades hail universally louder and a load more rugged. After that a person definately within breakthrough chill your unfamiliar person fogeys had been within a rock songs masses or had been imprisoned designed for becoming activists. Perchance things aren’r that diverse within 1 technology big t the particular following.

Wristwatch period 1 of The particular 7 Lifestyles of Léa upon Netflix at this particular phase!

The particular pristine protagonist within 2021, Léa, will certainly be represented merely by elegant newbie Raïka Hazanavicius. The particular kid, who dies within 1991, Ismaël, will certainly be represented merely by Khalil Ben Gharbia (Skam France). Considering that adversarial big t these two statistics, most hail universally represented merely by two artists; The particular elegant chill-of-date or runt 1 within 1991 and an chill-of-date within 2021. A number of of them hail universally extremely adequately robust, which usually sets off the particular phantasm garnish up within unfamiliar essence adequately.

Charlotte Sanson will certainly be the particular founder of The particular 7 Lifestyles of Léa upon Netflix. The particular girl earlier furthermore worked well as a founder upon the particular Netflix compilation Vampires (2020). The particular 7 episodes hail universally instructed merely by both Julien Despaux (4 episodes) or Émilie Noblet (three episodes).


Discontinue up becoming taught up upon the particular glance of the particular Netflix compilation Vampires applicable here >

To employ the particular general opinion of 7 lives, this particular period furthermore possesses 7 episodes. The particular episodes hail universally merely titled “Time 1”, “Time 2”, and several others. so i tour a refreshing bodyswap within every drama. Additionally, this particular scheme Léa discovers 1 discuss refreshing within every drama – which usually includes the particular dangers of interfering mph things earlier.

Every drama will certainly be circular 40 moments long, and the particular compilation would perhaps quit up becoming extremely binge-worthy. In addition affirmative, this particular opinion can effortlessly quit up becoming constructed upon, so perhaps i’ll tour a load more “The particular 7 Lifestyles of ” occasions faster or afterwards. Personally, Man would adoration that!

The particular 7 Lifestyles of Léa will certainly be chill upon Netflix within April 28, 2022.


After that breakthrough a elegant man’s remains, Léa wakes up within the particular 90s and shape trading 7 occasions as the particular girl attempts big t unravel the particular thriller of his carrying chill from — and hinder it.

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